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Hiddur Art is a collection of hand-crafted Jewish Ceremonial Objects designed and created by Yehoshua Pineles.
Each Ritual Object's aim is to connect and glorify the innate prominence inherent in the Jewish service. 
We look within the Bible, its associated laws and customs and the Kabbalah to help guide the thought and design process down to the material choices.
Hiddur Art's mission is to explore the conceptual while functional, connecting contemporary art with ritual performance.

Yehoshua Pineles

Yehoshua Pineles has a background of over ten years as an architect. Wanting to explore his interest in the art of making and designing he moved to Rockport, Maine to study at The Center for Furniture Craftsmanship.

Yehoshua splits his time developing Ritual Objects as well as leading the Woodworking Vocational Program at Yeshiva Darchei Torah.


Commissioning Existing Work:

Placing orders from the Hiddur Gallery Collection can be done at anytime. Existing work can often times be customized in different materials and dimensions varying from what is pictured in the Collection. Pricing is subject to change from the displayed Collection price depending on materials chosen, specs or quantities.

Commissioning New Work:

Commissioning new work begins with a concept for a Ritual Object. Once that concept is conceived, contact Hiddur and Yehoshua will discuss the scope of your project and outline the requirements before beginning the design phase.

Typically a non-refundable design fee ranging from $200-$1000 (depending on the scope of the project) is required in order to start the design phase.  When a design and price for your 'Object' is settled on, the design fee is then subtracted from the initial deposit on the work.

Contact: | Queens, NY

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