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Ornamental  Wall Shtender


Steel with a marbled Patina

Floral designs hand etched


Magnetic book holder



28″ x 18″ x 12″


The Shtender has always existed in some form or another as an aid in learning. Having an ergonomically angled surface that a Sefer/book can rest on one is able to comfortably focus their energies on the text. It is for that reason the Shtender has been universally embraced as a tool as well as in all synagogues, study halls and many Jewish homes. Its essence is to enable learning.

Our Kabbalists (ARI) teach that God had to constrict himself in order to make space for the universe to exist and grow.

When we learn Torah, we subdue our ego and expand our mind. The Ornamental Wall Shtender explores this idea of rooting oneself in space, emulating the humble trees and vegetation who don’t question their Creator.

The Ornamental Wall Shtender is affixed to the wall, creating a unique ד עמות - four cubits (a measure of personal space), that facilitates expansiveness.

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